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My deepest conviction is that western and eastern rigging styles can be united in a single form of Art. I shall then propose throughout my work, a new way for describing bondage and shibari. In these pages, and within a few minutes, you will comprehend the result of several years spent in research, observation and practice.

What will you get from this site?

- Find. Bondage & Shibari Photo books information including ISBN's
- Understand safety . Why are multiple loops instead of one still dangerous?
- Extend your observations and develop a different vision of elementary knots. Definiton of connection formulas.
- Draw. Basic drawings reveal why ropes must be doubled. They help us to count knots and understand how many of them are worth learning.
- Organize. Use bondage oriented sorting criteria to tabulate knots and understand their properties.
- Learn. An objective classification of regulars and irregulars knots. Many unknown and unused knots.
- Compute. Knots connection studies, elementary knots algebra explained.
- Discover. An algorithm for connecting knots.
- Read. An essay : from BDSM to social culture
- Connect. A lot of links to my friends'websites
- Watch. A gathering of my early work summarized in 4 pages of galeries.

As the site is not yet fully loaded with my research and photographs, you may want to have an overview and come back from time to time to see what has improved :) So far I dedicate my time to turn all these results in a decent website.

Actually I've always wanted to answer the following question : "Is it possible to draw a bondage and actually make it?" This site gives you the answer... (Yes, just like that.)

If you want to achieve a fully controlled and graphical rope path, it takes a lot of maths to understand how it is possible and what knots you have to use. But don't expect to use it for arousing bondage sessions. Although an engineered rope path is a beautiful subject for photography, it is quite incompatible with fast execution.

"Science of Bondage" pages include a knots library. You'll never find such explanations about rope anywhere else on the web! Knots are sorted and explained based on unprecedented theoretical concepts.

What about me?
I love erotic photography. But bondage and shibari often convey the image of perversion and sadomasochism; which I find saddening. I wanted to show in my images that rigging does not imply the idea of mental submission. I want provocative and arrogant models. I want them to express the proximity of orgasm, the expectation, the pleasure.
Of course you'll discover that I also love mathematics; because it can explain many things, because everyone can understand it the same way, because it can take our rigging one step further.
After all this time and studies, discussions, disappointments, I intend to make a second book. It will be much more technical than "Fusion". But I think it's really worth making. Otherwise these studies could be lost forever!

The books library is certainly worth visiting as well. Actually I do own one copy of most books that you will find in there. Don't hestiate to contact me for advices and discussions.

Enjoy it!


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