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Fetish images renewal

The achievability of elegant and yet hard-fetish images is the central idea of my work.. In addition to what, I would like my models to wear clothes on as often as possible. I strongly believe that nudity is not required in modern erotica. Such a balance is not out of reach. Of course one need to work to find the solution. Bondage is certainly my preferred option. But some other inspiring sources take part to this construction. There are several paths to explore. Bondage first, in order to stay a little bit focused. You may still doubt this is possible. So I would like to share these concepts with you.

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Why not?... Up to you.
A word to my models.

Dear model, the best images that I ever shot were the ones where you were free. I love when you feel comfortable and all mine for a fraction of a second. I made this page for you. There you can see my most intimate thoughts. You can understand how I imagine you. I propose you several ideas but the rest is up to you. Let me follow you on the way that you chose and let us shoot together again. You know how much I love you.

Metaphoric Blood

Metaphoric Blood

Blood is red, blood is shiny, blood is fluid... blood is graphic. Despite these numerous qualities in terms of graphical properties, blood conveys also the feeling of pain and suffering. Blood takes us back to our primary state of pure living matter. As many I consider the use of real blood as useless. Instead, I would prefer the use of metaphoric blood carrying the idea of glamour and softness, thus repelling the spontaneous aversion that might arise from the violent exposure of our inner material being. Now if you want to know how to translate that in images... I am all yours. Top

Skin and ...

Fashionable clothes have only one function: render and magnify women's bodies. It is strange to admit that almost any material or piece of clothing would apply to such a purpose. It is strange, but we have to. Therefore, I will use all types of materials on my models'skin. A rain of metal shattered on large skin surfaces, pieces of wood, wax, glass and crystal, fabric, leather, stone...
Do I hear something clicking inside your mind? Be all mine and you will see. Top

On your skin...

Pure bondage

The most important will be the look in your eyes - Bondage as a function

Regardless of any graphical concept I want to shoot bondage. Again the look in my models'eyes will be my only guide. For this kind of shooting I would like you to be clothed and then adapt your clothing depending on the resulting images. I am fed up with standards and I guess so are you as well. Shall we build something different? Shall we renew the concept of bondage imagery? Top

Knotting template

A strong motivation in my current work is to succeed in elegant design. The images would be the testifiers of this success. Although any bondage has to be fully effective, the final aspect of it is often neglected. if we find the time to work on a bondage and prepare it well enough, I strongly believe that an effective and yet easthetic bondage is achievable. One of my most difficult project is the achievement of unique-design harnesses by the use to balanced and elegant knots. Arms, chest, legs, body, head, shoulders. I am diying for the model to come. Top

Knotting Template

Clicks and tricks

Smart use of contemporaray metal gear

Now I would like to introduce external objects in my bondage to serve this purpose. Shall this be considered as a lack of respect? Yes I will not be traditional there; and I don't want to apologize. Either you'll find it funny, even better: constructive, or you will feel betrayed as a bondage purist. I will respect that. Judge only my images, not the bondage. Top

Bondage by positions

First, if you find a nice dictionary of bondage positions, let me know. To my knowledge, there is none. I'd rather say there are too many! There is no standard for names although some positions are classified. As an example what is a hogtie? It is more a category tha an actual position. Second, we could say that bondage positions are not developing from a common base. Bondage is very often improvised and images shot "as is". Don't you feel some kind of preparation is missing? I am convinced that a little bit of thinking would lead to much more beautiful images. The first step would certainly be to build a useful dictionary of bondage knots. Top

As natural as possible


Vampire to her most

The worlwide spread eternal vampire fantasy... It is strongly related to love but also to darkness, power, fear, desire. I can't imagine any better graphical subject than vampire imagery. I still need to work hard on it and desperately looking for models to support my work. Where am I now? I just figured out how to get my vampire fangs. I want them very professional. There will be a big cost for each model who will want to shoot with me but I think the path is worth to follow. Top

Goth, Rock

Certainly an easy one. It all started from something, but what thing...? I love goth looks an more recently discovered rock punk alternative fashion. Suddenly I felt just at home looking at these clothes. No shooting yet but in a short time from now there should be some new images on the site... Top

Very special looks


As if you were just one

A fantasy... again. Certainly the oldest fantasy on Earth: Shooting two girls. But despite numerous sketches I have not found yet the proper way to shoot them. The projsct is pending. So if you have an idea to share, get in contact with me immediately! Top


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