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Demonia's frame THE image everyone would have liked to shoot...
With courtesy of Christophe Mourthé.

Somewhere in Paris

Those places do exist.
most of us do not know it. We don't see, we are not ready to, we don't want to. But all those famous photographers, the ones who shoot bodies, sweat, ropes, smoke actually do work close to us. Paris is big, yes. But not so big that you feel lost when you get there.

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Christophe works in Paris. It's as simple as that.

Do I need to introduce Christophe Mourthé?
The answer to this question may be obvious to most of you.

Famous for his work, he's a gentleman in the photographers'community. If you walk through Paris and stop by Fetish shops or places, many people would tell you about him. (Visit Demonia and watch the walls!) Of course introducing him again is pointless. Furthermore, who am I to introduce him? How arrogant it would be!

Yes I met Christophe once. He will probably not remember if someone tells him today that it happened.
But of course for me it was not an ordinary day. I just wanted to share that experience with you.

Who is actually Hervé???

I owe him this opportunity. Imagine you meet a guy by chance in a trade show or a conference. You talk, you smile. Suddenly you feel that you have a little something in common. This man is so enthusiastic! You rapidly switch to personal topics. This is something that you typically don't share but now, who cares? He noticed the camera anyway. (it starts to be too heavy for your neck). "Oh,... You are a photographer?" Of course I'm not. I'd like to be one. But no, I'm just an amateur. The camera is here for the girls. There are a lot of pretty girls here."You know, I know a studio for rent if you like.

(...) This is the day, the time; you exit the metro, and pass by several photography shops, printers. This area even smells like photo! I'm happy. Maybe you'll find an affordable place to work today? Hervé is probably waiting already. One floor... Two...
Seven! Arghhh, no elevator. You were not ready for that! "Here you are!" he said. "We have 20 min. After that Christophe will probably be there and we have to talk!" I wouldn't have cared but I had him repeating as I did not get it....

"Christophe Mourthé", he said. "We are in his studio. Didn't I tell you? He'll stop by in a minute. Now, what do you want to see?"...
I was lucky this day. During 30 minutes we talked and explored the studio - From a photographer's perspective. What we must admit is that the place was very functional; but not necessarily the type of place where you would take a girl for a first rendez-vous...
From Hervé I hardly remember the clothes or the voice. But I remeber his face when he saw me smiling. Thank you Hervé!

What if we chose different paths... ?

Christophe was closer to me than I imagined. Humble, young, you wouldn't suspect his talent. Owner of a collection of miniatures in a big studio in Paris. We exchanged a couple words. He said he was preparing for something and dived in the ocean of accessories hidden beneath the curtain.

I remember he's a smiling person; although he looks VERY busy. What I discovered this day goes beyond common sense. Christophe does actually care. He is deeply human. And I'm sure he would be to you as he had been to me this day: I saw him coming back from the depth of his studio, climbing the narrow stairs with something in his hand. He opened it, signed it and gave it to me as if we were long lost friends. That thing was for me... Something I never asked for, something absolutely not mandatory that he could have dismissed. But no. I was here as a visitor and he knew that would have made me happy. He just did it.
Now when I look at his work I can see more than colorful images and well prepared shootings. I do see his kindness and I am happy for all his models.

Now I have to say I have chosen to explore a different style. Is this jealousy? I don't know. You would say so, I guess.
But whatever? In these moments you can decide what is important and what is not. My feelings about his images are really not what I kept after I left the place. I did not have a chance to meet him again since then. I just wish you all who will meet him some day to experience this delightful moment he makes you feel you exist. Christophe just cares.
So I came back home with a signed book. And what I think of it has nothing to do with the content, neither with the photographer but with the Person who signed it. A great person.

Will he ever know what I was thinking this day?

Thank you Christophe.

A sample of his work

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Visit www.christophemourthe.com

Visit www.christophemourthe.com Visit www.christophemourthe.com

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