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When you're stuck, think of another solution
How to use the 3D trick
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<<The most known of 3D knots

Where flat knots are not enough

Any rope cross or knot contains an even number of ends. Is there always an exception to a given rule? No... But very often, for each of them, there is a workaround... Wouldn't this be nice if the number of ends in a knot could be an odd number? Yes it would... and it's impossible. But remember: What do we want actually? We want to create easthetic bondages, that's it.

Now, what do we have? A bondage is nothing else but a beautiful woman beautifully surrounded by ropes, attached by knots. Its only limitation is our ability to tie knots. And this ability shall have no limit. Unfortunately our habits often blind us. They are stronger than invention. Let them not be...

What is our stronger habit relating to knots? WE TIE THEM IN 2 DIMENSIONS. Actually sometimes even 1D of which macrame is a good example. Therefore the whole knot and thus the VISIBLE part of it is tied in 2D. 3D knots are possible. Obviously they have an even number of ends. What advantage can you get from 3D knots? Well... 3 = 2 + 1.

A 3D knot does not need to be fully visible. One part can be 2D -and visible- and the other invsible. If you wish, you can split a 3D knot in a visible 2D part utilizing any number of ends, plus an invisible 1D part containing the compelementary unnecessary ends!

How to
Use it wisely.

A 3D-knot is always a solution to maintain an even number of rope ends. However, one single 3D-knot could screw all your bondage up because the supposedly discrete ends remain totally visible. Therefore you should place the knot wisely; like between the legs or under the arms.

Some good places



When applied to rope bondage

Pulling backwards

As mentioned earlier, a 3D-knot can be used as a substitute to 2D-knots where supernumerous ends must be eliminated. A 3D-knot will not have as many advantages as 2D-ones like some substitutions that you could chose from the Knotting Template. But... It would have also a big advantage: You could use it to tighten your bondage from the back.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the reading of my article. I will continue to post tutorials and stuff on my site. Make sure to stop-by from time to time!.

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